Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today I received a message from Pepe Francois

Tonight, is actually January 1, 2009, a symbolic date for two reasons. First it's a New Year which means new beginnings. It is also the day I received the phone call from the animal hospital letting me know Pepe Francois' ashes were ready. Oh why couldn't this have happened yesterday, in the old year?

I had forgotten my request to have his body cremated independently of all the other deceased animals so that I may keep his cremations as a loving reminder of his short life on earth. When I arrived home, I opened the box and uncovered, in elegant script, a note from Pepe Francois, written on his behalf by Pet Heaven Memorial. It reads:

Do Not Forget Me

During my short stay on this earth
I loved and adored you.
I always in my way sympathized with you
in your sadness and joined with you in your happiness.
If I could have left you a message I would ask,
that you never forget me.
I'd thank you also for your thoughtfulness
in preserving my cremains.

My eyes welled with tears. What a lovely message, a thoughtful touch created by Pet Heaven. Indeed they do a wonderful presentation for remembering a beloved pet. Also enclosed was a brochure on how to cope with such a loss and the different stages. In reading through it, my embarassment was lifted. I was not some "mad cat woman". My pain and suffering were normal for someone who cared for her pet. Pepe Francois was not just an animal, he was my "pet companion". Their website is located here in Miami, Florida.

At the time of his passing, I did not opt for an urn due to additional cost and decided I would use the handsome, white, porcelain, octagonal jar with cupola lid that currently sits on my dresser flanked by pictures of Pepe Francois. It actually resembles a miniature urn. Here is where I will preserve Pepe Francois' ashes which resembles white/gray gritty beach sand. The centerpiece of my dresser is a disguised memorial to my baby boy.


The Lee County Clowder said...

Be assured, you are not "mad cat woman". Living with and loving a furkid is anything but 'mad'.

Sending gentle headbumps to you.

We never knew Pepe Francois, but it is clear he was a loving and much loved kittie.